Residents of the 39th Legislative District, along with the rest of the state, have been severely affected by Olympia's tax and spend policies, government over-riding our votes and will, and now the economic effects of COVID-19. As your Representative, Carolyn will continue to work to bring jobs and projects to our District, fight to repeal taxes passed this year (and against future taxes) to lessen the strain on our current personal finances.  She will work to save businesses, jobs and bring economic strength back to the people of our community and the state. Carolyn realizes the pressing need to bring Broadband to our urban areas to help businesses and education function as needed in everyday life and in times of unexpected crisis.


Carolyn's experiences in Olympia as your Representative, as past Mayor of Sultan and as a business owner and mentor, give her the unique perspective of what it takes to run and grow businesses. Carolyn also understands how small towns and big cities alike depend on businesses for employment and knows how to seek the resources needed from Olympia to help restore our community and state to a healthy economy. Serving on the House Transportation, Capital Budget, Human Services and Early Learning and Arts Committees, Rep. Eslick will work hard to implement needed support for all residents in the 39th and throughout Washington State. 

Carolyn's priorities in Olympia will also continue to be safeguarding our residents from excessive government regulations, infringement on basic property and water rights and relief from our burdensome taxation. Carolyn will continue to push for quicker action on Hwy 522, to build on the progress she and local leaders have been working on.

Family & Community

Carolyn grew up in a large family with seven siblings. She has made her home in Snohomish County for over 40 years, moving to Sultan in 1979. Her love for the community and the people of the 39th District has shown through and the  community has become an extension of her family and has driven Carolyn’s public service all these years. 


Carolyn’s daughter and son-in-law also live our community, in Baring, WA. Carolyn’s three grandchildren, Austin, Mason, and Mallory love spending time with her and are great joys to Carolyn and her husband. Her grandson Mason even paged in Olympia with the House of Representatives during the 2018 legislative session. 

Carolyn looks toward a bright future for the next generations in the 39th District, and will work to ensure that happens.

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