The people of the 39th Legislative District deserve an advocate committed to limiting government, taxation and regulatory intrusion in their daily lives. I will put my leadership experience to work in Olympia to defend your rights and improve our economy.


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"I am running for re-election because it is essential to preserve and protect the property, parental and individual rights of the residents of the 39th District.
The people of our community deserve a strong advocate working on their behalf to address public safety, a more affordable Washington State and an advocate for school excellence that focuses on academics."
- Rep. Carolyn Eslick




The rise in crime in Washington State has many of us concerned about personal safety, property crimes and safety for our first responders.

Laws passed by the Democrat majority in Olympia two years ago limited the ability of our law enforcement to use the needed tools to do their job effectively. Reduced sentences and the early release of criminals has been detrimental to our community. Too many crimes go unprosecuted, giving the green light to more unlawful activity. 

This year I voted to restore the tools to our Police to help keep us safe, but the majority in Olympia did not back our officers and much more work still needs to be done. 

As your Representative, I will continue to support legislation that backs our Law Enforcement. Soft-on-crime policies have proven to not be effective for our public safety! 

Part of the growing property and other crimes come from the addiction issues overwhelming our state. I have been an advocate of helping the mentally ill receive the help needed.  I will continue to work for those who are also addicted to drugs with accountable resources that provide effective treatment and successful long-term rehab programs that include job training, so they can become self-sufficient and productive residents again.  Through public/private partnerships we can have accountability without involving a tax burden.

Our Taxes Are Too High


Higher taxes and excessive spending are the ongoing themes that we have seen in the last several Legislative Sessions. Even when the citizens vote taxes down, the Democrats find a way to bring them back. One can look to the $30 car tabs, carbon tax and state income tax as a few of these examples.

Washington is becoming less affordable for many of our residents. Not only are housing costs high but adding to it are high property taxes, fuel/gas taxes, rising sales taxes and a tax for just about everything connected to your vehicles. More of these taxes were passed by the majority party again this past Legislative Session. I voted against them.

As your 39th Legislative District Representative, combating these taxes has been a top priority. I am committed to voting "NO" to burdensome taxation.


Prioritizing Academics in Schools

Most of us have noticed the downturn of Parental Rights in our schools. Children are receiving medical care that parents don't even know about, yet are still responsible for the bills and the aftermath - both medically and psychologically - of what others think is best for YOUR children. Nobody knows a child better than their parent. They are the ones who should be making decisions for them. 

Too much class time is spent on political and activism agendas. Math and English test scores have plummeted in public schools statewide. Over 41,000 students left the public school system for alternatives in education in the last year. Children in classrooms should not be taught that they are either a victim or an oppressor. Explicit sex-ed to young grade schoolers does not belong in the curriculum

I am an advocate of getting back to academics and teaching our kids the educational fundamentals to succeed in college or the trades and in life. Now more than ever, after the setbacks in education from COVID-19, the focus needs to be on improving the basics of education. This should be done with transparency and accountability to the parents and stakeholders. At over $16k per student/per year average in our state, nothing less than this should be expected. School choice would be a great option to parents, where the money follows the student for the best education parents seek for their children.