I am running for office because it is essential to preserve and protect the property, water and individual rights of the residents of the 39th District.
The people of our community deserve a strong advocate working on their behalf to rebuild our economy and prepare for the future through innovation and technology.
The people of the 39th Legislative District deserve an advocate committed to limiting government, taxation and regulatory intrusion in their daily lives. I will put my leadership experience to work in Olympia to defend your rights and improve our economy.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. As a small business owner, mentor and advocate for many years, this subject is one I'm passionate about. The COVID-19 issue has hurt Washington's economy and affected individuals, small businesses, large enterprises and workers. The way back must have an effective plan.

Allowing businesses to re-open safely and quickly is imperative to the financial well-being of these entities. This will keep many businesses from permanently closing and keep employees on the payroll. 

We can implement a plan to simultaneously re-open our economy and keep residents safe utilizing CDC guidelines. 

My commitment to businesses is to help with tax deference and repealing the taxes implemented in the 2020 budget.

I will push to lessen regulations and restrictions that inhibit commerce. This will provide pathways for industries to become financially solid again.


Bringing Broadband to rural communities will help us embrace technologies which were widely engaged in throughout the stay-at-home order such as e-commuting,  e-conferencing and e-education. This will create new opportunities for businesses and families. These innovations can help businesses grow efficiently, lower costs, reduce overhead, continue education if schools are not open and eliminate some commutes.

The residents of Washington State have spoken or voted on issues that deeply concern them. Too many times we have seen these votes or concerns dismissed by courts, the Legislative Majority and/or the Governor:

Income Taxvoted down over 10 times


I-976 - $30 Car Tabs challenged in the courts 


Carbon Tax - rejected by voters in 2018, then passed in Olympia as new "Low Carbon Fuel Standards" in 2020 


The Sex Ed Bill 5395 - passed in the middle of the night after thousands of residents who protested this Bill were ignored

As your Legislator, I fought against higher taxes and for passing legislation to uphold the vote on I-976. I voted against the new Carbon Tax (which it is) and against the Sex Ed Bill - preferring local school boards and parents deciding rather than state legislated agendas.

I will continue to fight for the will of the people in Olympia. With your vote and support we can take back the House in 2020.


Higher taxes and excessive spending are the ongoing themes that we have seen in the last several Legislative Sessions. Even when the citizens vote taxes down, the Democrats find a way to bring them back.

In the COVID and post COVID-19 era, all these taxes are hurting everyone.  


Residents have suffered financially: 

job losses, retirement losses in the market, business closures and/or the economic slow-down. Those that now struggle to pay mortgages and car payments still have to pay property taxes and car tabs. Now the new Low Carbon Fuel Standards, lifted levy lids and B&O business tax increases hurt us all the more. Business taxes are passed on to customers and we all feel the pain of higher prices.

As your 39th Legislative District Representative, combating these taxes has been a top priority. I am committed to voting "NO" to burdensome taxation.

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