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"Eslick, however, has been able to draw on a decade of past leadership as Sultan’s mayor, including a crucial role on a coalition to win funding for safety improvements on U.S. 2.
Eslick had some success in her first session this year; winning passage of a bill for which she was a primary sponsor that requires the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to hold meetings in affected communities before the agency relocates big game animals, including wolves, coyotes and bobcats. Another bill she sponsored, but which did not advance, would have required the state fire marshal to consider policies that would reduce fire deaths at rental properties. Eslick was secondary sponsor on successful bills to provide foster parent training and impose a civil infraction on those falsely claiming a pet as a service animal.

In her appointment to the position, 12 of the 17 county council members supported Eslick, including all five from Snohomish County’s council. Eslick’s first session shows that confidence was well placed. Voters can have the same confidence in supporting Eslick."

Representative Dan Kristiansen

Washington House of Representatives Minority Leader

"Representative Carolyn Eslick has done an outstanding job in Olympia. Her experience, input and leadership skills have been proven assets to her constituents. Carolyn prioritizes the interests of her District. Her first House Bill 2276, which recently passed, is evidence of how Carolyn looks out for the citizens of the 39th by utilizing Common Sense legislation. The residence of the 39th legislative district have an excellent Legislator in Olympia in Rep. Eslick. I fully endorse Carolyn Eslick to be retained to the House of Representatives."

Washington Dairy Families


Jewels Mesaros

Author/Motivational Speaker

"It has been such a privilege to know Carolyn since my early days in WA in 2004.
The years have passed by quickly but what has not passed is her genuine kindness and caring spirit.
It has been my observation that Carolyn has always had time for people and see the best in them. 
Her steady guiding hand in my early endeavors as a small business owner has been priceless. I am sure many others can vouch for this too.
Over the years she has always steered me in the right direction and put me touch with the best resources required for my growth.
My early years in WA would have been difficult without her valuable help.
I have utmost confidence in her and that with the help of God she will do everything to make life better for the people of the state of WA."

Councilman Sam Low

County Councilman Sam Low

Representative JT Wilcox

House Republican Floor Leader

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Washington Retail Association

Jeff Rasmussen

Monroe City Councilman

"I am proud to support Carolyn Eslick as our State Representative. I have worked with Carolyn for many years on numerous projects and know that she’s got the experience, knowledge and passion to represent the 39th District very well in Olympia. Please join me in voting for Carolyn to continuing to serve our communities."

Association of Washington Business

“Washington employers are committed to supporting legislative candidates who understand the decisions they make in Olympia can impact small, medium and large businesses in every corner of the state,” said AWB President Kris Johnson. “We’re fortunate that parts of our economy are doing well but we’re also keenly aware the economic recovery has not been equal throughout every industry or geographic region. The candidates we’re endorsing for the Legislature demonstrated an understanding of the issues facing employers and a desire to help employers grow, which will enable families and communities to prosper.”   

Councilman Nate Nehring

Snohomish County Councilman

Skagit County Republican Party

Snohomish County-Camano Association of REALTORS

Senator Keith Wagoner

State Senator in the 39th Legislative District

"Carolyn, You have my enthusiastic, wholehearted endorsement.  Your professionalism was instrumental in the successes we shared with our district in the last legislative session; could not have done it without you.  We make a great team!"  

Rep. Tom Dent

State Representative, R-13 - Moses Lake, WA

"Carolyn and I sit on the Early Learning and Human services committee.  She impressed me the minute I met her as a level headed and thoughtful person.  She proved to be a great listener and asked questions before making a decision.  I look forward to working with her in the 2019 Session.  Please re-elect Carolyn Eslick.”

Debbie Blodgett

Snohomish County Chair

Peggy Tuttle

Good Samaritan International Director

"As the GSI International Director and a more than 30 year resident of Sultan, I whole heartily endorse Carolyn Eslick for the House of Representatives in the 39th District.  Her creativity, true love for people and her community, and her faithfulness to keep her word through her actions made her one of the best Mayors Sultan has ever had.  She will continue to work hard for us in Olympia with that same integrity to represent "We the People"!

Alison W. Sing

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I have known Carolyn since the 1980's when she worked for the Economic Development Council of Snohomish County. We are fortunate to have her advocating for our county and for the citizens of her district. She has been staunch supporters of things Sultan. I know she will represent her district well in Olympia.

Jeffrey Beeler Sr.

Caring representative that will stand up for individual rights. She was a great mayor and look forward to continuing her work down in Olympia.

Melissa Carr

She was a wonderful Mayor for the city of Sultan and was always willing to assist and support the Sultan Community Alliance, and all our events!

Martin Rushkarski

Monroe Resident

"I would like to express my personal support for the work State Representative Carolyn Eslick is contributing towards our local communities in the State of Washington. Her personal approach towards each issue brought to her attention and approachability in conversations based on common sense and deep concern is necessary for solving the challenges in our current economic times. Her stands on education of our youth and help needed in creating the economic opportunities for each High School graduate need broader community support. Enriching our primary education programs with the real life knowledge of financial literacy, community contribution and work readiness is essential for creating a vibrant community environment for the next generation of graduates to live and thrive in the State of Washington. I hope this concern will be shared by more community members and voiced to our local government by the efforts of likeminded State Representatives as Carolyn Eslick."

Sarah Steever

Rep. Eslick has been generous with her time and in hearing out constituents. She founded the local food bank here in Sky Valley and is familiar with the area's quirks, issues and concerns and works to help the community. She is easy to talk to and her ethics are solid. I'm delighted to have her as my Representative.

April Dehuff

Works very hard to improve our communities and state.

Dr. Brian Copple

Sultan Chiropractic - Sultan, WA

"I have known Carolyn for over 30 years.  She has always been interested in serving the needs of others. Even prior to her political career, she has been tirelessly focused on advocating for the needs of the community. Her endless optimism and infectious enthusiasm has only been enhanced by her presence in the state legislature. She is truly "in her element" as a legislator. 

We could use a lot more just like her.”

Sandy Lee

She is an innovative energetic business woman and I think she would do well for us.

Anne Moss

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She's so civic minded! She really cares about the community.

Fred Walser

Chair, US 2 Safety Coalition and Former Washington State Patrolman - Monroe, WA

"I am supporting Carolyn Eslick for 39th District Representative.  I have known Carolyn for many years and believe she will be a great representative for her district.  She is very accessible, understands the issues in the district, and will work hard on transportation, wildlife problems, and fiscal issues.  She has already proven herself worthy and up to the task.  Please vote for Carolyn.”

Anne-Lise Finnbraaten

Carolyn Eslick is a person I would be proud to have represent me any day!

Alicia Weideman

Carolyn Eslick is the perfect individual for our 39th district. Carolyn is sincere, honest, trustworthy, and truly cares about making a difference in her community.

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