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Recently residents of our district, as well as much of the State have been dealing with issues that have affected us all personally. We have been burdened with taxation that seems to come at us at all angles: property tax, sales tax and others. Now in Olympia there is a call for even more taxation: carbon tax, income tax, capital gains tax, mileage tax, sugar tax, road tolls and more.

On top of being hit with all these cumbersome taxes, we in the 39th are dealing with an issue that hits us where we live: Property and Water Rights. The Hirst Decision put many of us on hold, waiting in limbo to find out if we could use our land as we wished, if we would lose the land’s value and how these issues would impact our community as a whole. While we resolved Hirst for most of Washington State, Skagit County still has these troublesome concerns that must be immediately addressed.

My priority in Olympia is to safeguard our residents from excessive government regulation, infringement on basic property and water rights and relief from our burdensome taxation. This generation and the next deserve to enjoy the freedoms and rights of past generations. I am bringing the people’s voice to the Legislature to find solutions that make government work for everyone.

Other Proffesional Experience:


Political Experience: 

State Representative Position 2, 39th Legislative District. Serving on the House Capital Budget Committee and Early Learning and Human Services Committee 2017-2018; Mayor, City of Sultan 2010-2017;  City Council Member, City of Sultan 1995-2001

Board and Committee Experience:


Portland State University 1979, Computer Programming

Washington State University, County Extension Food Class 1988

Everett Community College, Political Science 1998

Corbett High School 1968 – Business Honors


Snohomish County Boys and Girls Club Board Member 2009 – 2016; Everett Community College East County Advisory Board Member 2009 - 2015; Snohomish County Law & Justice Advisory Committee Member 2010 - current; Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce Board Member 2006; Co-Chair and Board Member of the Governor’s Small Business Improvement - 1999; Council for the State of Washington, (appointed by Govern Locke) 2000-2003; Co-founder Sultan/Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce 1981-current; President and Founder of Sultan Food Bank 2000; Founder and Chair for VOA Sky Valley Family Support Center 1992; Timber Resource Council – Snohomish County 8 years; Board Member Sultan Education Foundation 1994-2001; Board Member VOA Northwest 1993-2001; Board Member Snohomish County Health Dept 1998-2001; City of Sultan Council Member 1995-2001; Snohomish County Budget Review Board 2004-2007; Set up Blue Ribbon Committee to rebuild the Boys and Girls Club in Sultan

GroWashington,  2010 – current: Founder mentoring over 2000 entrepreneurs in starting and running businesses; Dutch Cup Restaurant, 1981-2001: Owner/Operator managed 34 employees; NW Agriculture Business Center 2008-2010: Event and marketing manager; NW Women's Business Center 2004-2006: Counseling and training classes for businesses; Snohomish County Economic Development Council 2002-2003: Business consulting and grant writing.


Government regulation and high property taxes are barriers to your right to property and enjoyment of your land. I will fight in Olympia to scale back government intrusion and restore water rights.


Right to property is an extension of your right to life and to be self-supporting on your own land, without interference.

State government has grown out of control. It is involved in every aspect of your lives. This comes at a high cost and, in turn, more spending and higher taxes.  I will seek to reign in government spending and lower increasingly oppressive taxes in the process.

Transportation truly comes down to the people we serve. Neglecting our transportation needs in rural areas, does a disservice to residents traveling to work and kids trying to get to school on time. Highways 2, 9, and 522 are immediate

priorities. I will pursue

 funds in Olympia for these roads to assure reliance and safety for all, as well as easing the ever-increasing commute times that affect your lives.


March 21, 2018

Her first bill ensures better notice of wildlife relocations

The state now must give local officials detailed information before introducing big game animals.

OLYMPIA — A state lawmaker from Sultan has succeeded in making the state Department of Fish and Wildlife do a better job of spreading the word on any wildlife-relocation plan.

A new law, authored by Rep. Carolyn Eslick, R-Sultan, requires the state agency to hold a public hearing in a community near to where it is considering the transfer, relocation or introduction of any big game animals. And it mandates the agency provide that community’s elected leaders advance notice of the public meeting as well.

Gov. Jay Inslee signed House Bill 2276 on March 22, concluding an effort begun several years ago by former state Sen. Kirk Pearson, of Monroe.

“I just picked up the ball and carried it to the finish line,” Eslick said moments after the governor handed her the pen used to sign the legislation.

This is Eslick’s first bill to be signed into law. It passed unanimously in the House and Senate and will take effect in June.

It requires Fish and Wildlife officials to provide at least 30-day notice of any public hearing on any potential relocation effort.

The announcement of the hearing must include information on the species and number of animals involved, where they will be released, and an estimate of the potential range the wildlife is likely to roam.


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